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Custom Made Bluegrass ~ Tyrone Bridge

Tyrone Bridge, the latest release from Custom Made Bluegrass, covers all the bases of Bluegrass music with traditional, gospel, instrumental, and modern songs about faith, family, love, and broken hearts!

Tyrone Bridge CD1. Won’t You Please Come Back
2. Kentucky Proud
3. Sleep With One Eye Open
4. Please Send Down an Angel
5. Tyrone Bridge
6. Life of the Party
7.Fox On the Run
8. Sweet Blue Eyed Darling
9. Grandpa’s Pride
10. Foggy Mountain Rock
11. Palm of Her Hand
12. Somebody Touched Me

Tyrone Bridge is the latest release from Custom Made Bluegrass, one of the best known and fastest rising groups in the Central Kentucky area. This album covers the listener’s thirst for honest Bluegrass from original hard-driving instrumentals, songs about family, lost love and heartache, and Bluegrass gospel. This album consists primarily of original compositions with just a taste of traditional cover tunes. The vocal harmonies are in keeping with the finest tradition, but are unique and distinguishable from other groups. There are no throw away tracks on this album; each one will keep you listening from the beginning to the end of the song. Tyrone Bridge is located in Central Kentucky and Kevin Chilton-the banjo player and writer-calls it a dangerous bridge. Tyrone Bridge, the CD, is also a dangerous CD because once you listen, you will want to hear it over and over again!

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Custom Made Bluegrass ~ Big Barn Road

1. Mama’s Wildwood Flower – Ron Bowling, BMI
2. Jim Crow – Van Ramey, ASCAP
3. Red barn Road – Ron Bowling, BMI
4. Faith – Van Ramey, ASCAP
5. Soldier’s Wish – Van Ramey, ASCAP
6. Full Stride – Steve Maynard, BMI
7. Mountain Bride – Van Ramey, ASCAP
8. Lonesome Kentucky Bluegrass Blues – Ron Bowling, BMI
9. Old Soldier – Ron Bowling, BMI
10. My Baby’s Gone – Ron Bowling, BMI
11. Heartbreak Express – Ron Bowling, BMI
12. Aunt Ollie – Van Ramey, ASCAP
13. Foot of the Cross – Ron Bowling, BMI


Custom Made Bluegrass. The name says it all. Down through the years, band names tend to reflect the personality of the group, the members and the material. That’s something I’ve always liked about our music. When you listen to the record entitled, “Big Barn Road” (sorry, I still say “record”), you hear everything in that name.

CUSTOM – The songs you are enjoying right now are custom. They were written from the heart by members of this group. Don’t look for any cover songs here. There are none. What you can look for and find in abundance, are songs about life, love, memories and the promise of our eternal home in Heaven. Let’s not forget my personal favorite, songs about Kentucky. These words and melodies are the whole process from start to finish.

MADE – Today’s Bluegrass market is flooded with music, with a great deal of it done by studio musicians backing up aspiring artists. Now, there is nothing wrong with that. If there were, I’d have to throw out a few of mine! The difference is; this band made ALL of the music, vocals and arrangements behind these original songs. Listen to the different tempos and feel of each tune. The recording quality is excellent and it captures the singing and playing of these guys… clean and clear.

BLUEGRASS – Before you started listening or even saw a picture; there is no question about what kind of music you are getting here! Mr. Bill said, “It’s powerful!” and I would have to agree. You can hear his formula here with Van’s guitar, Ron’s mandolin, Joe’s fiddle and Jeff’s bass. Let’s not forget Steve (and his banjo), who I am a little partial to. That was Bill Monroe’s formula in 1946. It was great then and it’s still working today. These guys are playing and singing REAL bluegrass. The name says it all!

~ Dean Osborne

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